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BPD Submits Current and Recently Revised Policies on Stops, Searches, Arrests, and Voluntary Contacts

BPD will submit to the Parties and Monitoring Team its policies, including any "recently implemented revised policies" referenced in paragraph 29, on (1) voluntary contacts, (2) field interviews, (3) involuntary investigatory stops and detentions (non-vehicle), (4) vehicle stops, (5) searches, and (6) arrests (the "Policies re: Stops, Searches, Arrests, and Voluntary Police-Community Interactions") that it believes are compliant or relate to implementation of paragraphs 27 through 40, 43 through 44, 47 through 58, and 60 through 66 of the Consent Decree. It will include policies relating to supervisory response and review of the same. It will not include policies relating to the documentation or logging of information of such interactions.