After considering the community’s initial feedback, as well as guidance from the Monitoring Team and the Department of Justice, BPD has finalized draft policies in a number of areas.  The community now has an opportunity to provide input and feedback on all of these draft policies before they are completed and implemented.  BPD, DOJ and the Monitoring Team are presently taking public comments on final draft policies in the following areas: Misconduct investigations and discipline. Comments can be submitted in one of three ways:

  • By completing an online questionnaire

  • By mailing a letter to the Monitoring Team at the following address: BPD Monitoring Team; c/o Kenneth Thompson; Venable LLP; 750 East Pratt Street, Suite 900; Baltimore, MD 21202; or

  • By emailing the Monitoring Team at

  • By hand-delivering a letter to the Monitoring Team’s office at 7 E. Redwood Street, 6th Floor, in Baltimore

The preferred method is the online questionnaire.  Links to the online questionnaire in each area are included below.

Misconduct Investigations and Discipline

The Monitoring Team is seeking public comment on the proposed Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) and Civilian Review Board (CRB) Intake and Classification Protocol. The Protocol establishes how OPR is to collaborate with the CRB in reviewing and investigating complaints of officer misconduct by members of the public that the CRB has the authority to investigate.  These include complaints of (1) abusive language, (2) false arrest, (3) false imprisonment, (4) harassment, (5) and excessive force.

To view the proposed Protocol, policy please go to the following link: Office of Professional Responsibility/Civilian Review Board Protocol for Complaint Intake and Classification