After consulting with the Monitoring Team and the Department of Justice, BPD has issued an INITIAL DRAFT of new training curriculum on USE OF FORCE.  This curriculum reflects the revised use of force policies that BPD recently adopted under the Consent Decree, and incorporates interactive learning techniques, including scenarios and discussions, that BPD has not used extensively before. Note that the curriculum comes in two parts: an e-learning component and an in-class component. BPD officers must complete the e-learning component (which emphasizes basic concepts in BPD’s use of force policies) before receiving the in-class component. The curriculum may be viewed here.

The community now has an opportunity to provide input and feedback on the initial draft of BPD’s Use of Force Training Curriculum.  The community’s comments will be reviewed and taken into consideration before BPD finalizes the curriculum. 

Your comments on the draft training curriculum can be submitted in one of four ways:

  • By emailing a letter or comments to the Monitoring Team at

  • By mailing a letter to the Monitoring Team at the following address: BPD Monitoring Team; c/o Kenneth Thompson; Venable LLP; 750 East Pratt Street, Suite 900; Baltimore, MD 21202

    • Or by mailing a letter to the Monitoring Team at the following address: BCMC Attn: Ray Kelly 3333 Greenmount Ave, Baltimore, MD 21218;

  • By hand-delivering a letter to the Monitoring Team at Venable or BCMC

  • By leaving a comment with BPD on their Let’s Hear Your Feedback page. (Be sure to note the policy number on the comment submission form.)

The preferred method for communication with the CD Monitoring Team is via email at

We look forward to your input!